What We Do:

Exhibitor Support

While High Point Market Authority does not own or manage any showroom space, we do help buyers find the showrooms they want to visit. We tell buyers about our exhibitors’ new products, showroom news, and in-showroom events. Plus, we provide sponsorship opportunities, and offer our exhibitors regular advice on how to bring buyers into their showrooms, as well as tools to capture buyer contact information.

If you’re interested in becoming a High Point Market exhibitor, please contact one of our building managers.

Exhibitor Search

The most-visited section of highpointmarket.org, our Exhibitor Search allows buyers to find exhibitors by name, location, product category, style, price point, and other important characteristics – and save their selections to the MyMarket planning tool and High Point Market app. In addition to location and contact information, exhibitor profiles include company descriptions, press releases, product images, videos, in-showroom events – a full range of information to tell buyers about your products and services. In-showroom events are also posted to the Events section of highpointmarket.org.

What’s New

A special program, made available at no charge, allows exhibitors to present up to three new product images in advance of each Market. Images are presented to buyers in the New Product Picks section of highpointmarket.org, shared with our Style Spotters to be considered for their Market Previews, and shared with media partners for editorial coverage.

In addition to new product news, we present exhibitor news about showroom expansions and relocations in the What’s New section of highpointmarket.org.

Style Spotters

Each year, we recruit a team of leading designers to comb Market showrooms for the most exciting new trends and emerging styles. Their finds are flagged with an in-showroom sign, posted to Pinterest, reported in one of our best-loved at-Market events, Style Spotters LIVE!, and featured in our bi-annual Style Report, released after each Market. Celebrating exhibitors who are on the forefront of home fashion, this popular and prestigious program presents High Point as the place to see the future of home.

Design Bloggers Tour

In partnership with Esteem Media, we invite exhibitors to sponsor one of today’s leading social media home fashion influencers to tour Market and report on the products and styles that will be of greatest interest to their audiences. One of our most popular sponsorship opportunities, the Design Influencers Tour typically sells out well in advance of each Market.


Through a comprehensive program, we provide exhibitors with opportunities to present their brand, message, and showroom location to buyers throughout Market.